Finding the IP ranges of an ISP

In paid advertising it is often desirable to target by IP ranges. Say for example you have a campaign running well on say the ISP Idea Cellular. Now how can we find the ip ranges of that ISP? I found on the (autonomous system number) ASNs of Idea Cellular to be: 45271 55644 134927… Read More »

Changing the session timeout in phpmyAdmin

Changing the session timeout in phpmyAdmin phpMyAdmin is a wonderful tool to work with mySQL and whenever I am developing with mySQL I find that I am using it all the time. Now I would not advise to use phpMyAdmin on your production server but for development it sure is very convenient. For developing I… Read More »

How to set up and use Git

Say we want to work with a Git repository on a server and we develop locally on our developer machine. So how do we set up and use Git? First create a directory on the server where the remote Git repository will be and initialise the remote Git repository ssh user@server mkdir -p ~/git/project.git cd… Read More »

Sudo su without password

Often I need to do something quickly as root, so I do a sudo su and then I exit back so I have my normal user permissions again. To be asked each time for my password .., well it gets tedious after a while. Now what to do? Type in: visudo Now add after the… Read More »

SSH Login with no password

How to log in using SSH with no password I use SSH a lot and always find myself in need of a SSH login with no password all the time and so I decided to write how you go about doing this. So say I am on host FOO as user A and I want… Read More »