Finding the IP ranges of an ISP

By | July 25, 2017

In paid advertising it is often desirable to target by IP ranges.

Say for example you have a campaign running well on say the ISP Idea Cellular. Now how can we find the ip ranges of that ISP?

I found on the (autonomous system number) ASNs of Idea Cellular to be:


2. By going to{ASN number} you can find the IPv4 Prefixes, the ip range are in the form of IP/netmask, for example

3. Then with ipcalc you can find the range:

so the IP range is

On Debian you can install ipcalc with:
sudo apt-get install ipcalc

For bulk converting the following website is convenient:

4. It is also possible to find the ip ranges by simply doing a search, for example:


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